RODALES SCUBA - December 1996
Christmas Edition
'Dive accessories that no diver should be without'

Baker Fullbody Products' Shoulder Saver Hangers

     Scott Baker asks, "Are you tired of losing expensive garments to rot and tears?" Of course you are. What about putting on a wetsuit that's still wet? Not one of our favorite experiences. Baker Fullbody Products is going to help us overcome these problems of modern diving life. It's the perfect example of somebody recognizing an area that could use some improvement and doing something about it.
      The Shoulder Saver Hanger has an extra long and wide contour that provides 120-square-inches of shoulder support. This design helps eliminate shoulder cracking and tearing of wetsuits and dry suits. As a matter of fact, the hanger is so effective with dive suits that it's crossed over to other Watersports markets, as well as for sweaters, overcoats and leather jackets!
      The other big benefit of utilizing the Shoulder Saver is that it keeps the suit wide open when hanging. This facilitates the rinsing of wet and dry suits. Even more importantly, it aids the suit in drying thoroughly, inside and out.
      The Shoulder Saver hanger is lightweight, durable, and comes in an array of cheerful colors. It's the type of product every diver or watersports enthusiast can use, but won't necessarily treat themselves to; making it the perfect gift for the buddy who has everything!
The Ventilator Hanger- Innovation of the Month
 July 2003 Issue, Motorcycle Consumer News
 By Tracy Martin

 The 揤ENTILATOR?SOUNDS like the title of a new Arnold Schwartznager movie, but instead it抯 a 搕rick?coat hanger manufactured by Baker Fullbody Products. The hanger measures 23?in length and 5?at the shoulders, allowing specialty garments like racing leathers, wetsuits and firefighter抯 coats to air out while being stored.

 Notice that the neck of the hanger is recessed creating a large air vent even when the garment is zipped up to the neck. In addition to ventilation, the rounded shape of the shoulder area supports and keeps the shape of the garment being hung, without forming the dreaded pointy humps we know so well.

 We tried it on both leather and textile riding jackets with shoulder armor. The hanger fits well inside a large-size leather jacket and also extends the sleeves outward to take pressure off the armor. After washing our textile jacket we found the hanger really works to help air drying while retaining the proper shape. A smaller version of the Ventilator is also available, 21?long and 4?wide, to accommodate smaller sizes.

 The Ventilator is constructed from sturdy ABS plastic that varies in thickness from 1/8?at the neck to 3/32?at the shoulder tip area and comes in three colors. Because of input from car and motorcycle racers who constantly broke hangers transporting heavy, one-piece racing suits across the country, the hook portion is made from 紨 #303 stainless steel and is attached using a rubber grommet and Ny-lock nut to support 100 lbs. and comes in two sizes. Overall construction appears seriously heavy-duty and the hanger looks like it should last over many years of use. The Ventilator retails for $26.95 and has a limited lifetime warranty. As an option, an accessory hook ($7.95) can be added for hanging riding pants.
Dry's wetsuits fast - John, Carbondale IL     5/5
Dry's my wetsuit fast and great to have to get longer life out of my wetsuit.  Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Dries Well - Fred the Diver, Milwaukee WI     4/5
I've liked using this Shoulder Saver Hanger.  It cuts down on dry time and provides good support while I'm storing my wetsuit.  I found that it's important to let the wetsuit dry inside-out first and then flip it right-side-out for storage.  Otherwise, the wide hanger can prevent the insides of the shoulders from drying.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Just what I was looking for - Bmemike, Boston MA     5/5
Just needed something to hang up our suits that wouldn't leave creases.  The hangers aid drying by opening up the suit.  If you leave the back unzipped, this can add a decent amount of airflow.  Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Standard item required Review by John
After having made do with lots of different type hangers, I finally bought a couple of these. All the things these other folks say are totally true! My Roadcrafter hangs MUCH better, and it dries out faster. As one person mentioned, this should be part of the purchase of any suit, since it isn't add one - you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 6/27/14)

Great Hangers Review by Bob
We all make an investment in our equipment, which is not cheap. These hangers are awesome for hanging jackets. They keep the shoulders filled, support the weight evenly, and if you don't ride in the winter for a few months and just hang your gear that time, I can't see doing it any other way than on these hangers. I bought three of them and as my wardrobe expands, I'll buy more......you will appreciate having them. (Posted on 1/24/14)

An essential item Review by Mike
This hanger should come stock with each suit. Since it doesn't, just add one to your order. You will not regret it! (Posted on 1/13/14)

No Question... Review by George S
Kickbutt!! Does the business! Buy one (or more!) (Posted on 5/23/13)

Big Hanger Review by pb
These are the berries! Very helpful for hanging your gear [mine in the garage] and they hold the gear well - strong, big, and well made. (Posted on 12/24/12)
Saver Hanger Review by Donald H
Love the hanger! Holds any and all of my heavy gear while allowing air to flow thru to dry same. (Posted on 8/13/12)

Monster Hanger Review by boatbuilder
This is the only hanger I've seen that is big and strong enough to hang armored riding gear on. (Posted on 7/7/12)

Good Hanger Review by johnnyKid
I just ordered my second over sized hanger. I own two Fox Creek Leather jacket's and if you have one of these terrific motorcycle jacket's you know how much they weigh. I'm also a size 52.... can you say hanger breaker. I like these hanger's. They take the weight easily. I'm glad they are available. (Posted on 4/28/12)
Really BIG Hanger Review by Bayou Crier
Why didn't I get this when I ordered my Roadcrafter. Yeah it saves the shoulders but better yet it airs the jacket out. Last summer in Texas we had a lot of 100 degree plus days. (Posted on 12/13/11)
The very best Review by Daniel
If you have a jacket/coat w/shoulder armor, give these a try. I've looked high & low & these are the very best I've ever found. (Posted on 7/31/11)
As Seen in SWAT The Movie - Released 2003
As Seen in CSI - S15Ep8 - Aired 11/30/14
Movie Wardrobe Acc. for: 'G.I. JOE', 'Alien vs Predator', 'Coastguard', 'Total Recall', 'Flinstones', 'Lion King', 'The Big Giant'.....
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